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Joanna Gaudoin

Work Wear Wrap-up August 2017

I hope you didn't miss this email too much last month. We went on a driving holiday from Dubrovnik to Nice, we saw lots of beautiful places. As I like this email to be very current, I didn't want to schedule it 10 days or so in advance, hence the break.

I hope you are enjoying the summer and have also had a chance for a break. August is a great time to reflect on what you want to focus on in your working life. Recently, I have helped several clients get through blocks that were holding them back in terms of their personal impact, confidence and effective relationship building, if you want to  talk something over, then please do get in touch. Enjoy this month's inspiration! 

If you enjoy it, I'd be very grateful if you could please share it with friends and on social media.

Best wishes,


Frances Dress

Frances Dress

A simple, yet elegant dress in a beautiful forest green.

£139, Hobbs.

This will most suit those with Deep, Cool and Bright colouring and a curved or semi-straight body shape, as it should drape around curves.

Aimee Printed Top

Aimee Printed Top

£39, Hobbs.

I love spots but couldn't wear this one as it is too Bright and has too much contrast for me. This top is a great way to communicate some authority, in a more subtle way. Most suited to those with Cool and Bright colouring.

Natasha Dress

Natasha Dress

A more interesting version of an ordinary black dress.

£199, reduced from £350, Cecily.

Available in a bright blue too. This stylish dress is fabulous for those with a well-defined waist. I have a couple of Cecily dresses and love them.

Bernina Skirt

Bernina Skirt

£59, Phase 8.

Grey skirts that aren't part of a suit are a rarity. This one can be dressed up or down, so suitable for different situations. A neutral colour that will go with lots of items. Most likely to suit those with a straight or semi-straight body shape.

Nelly Necklace

Nelly Necklace

£25, Phase 8.

A client of mine loves Phase 8 jewellery, inexpensive yet classy looking. It means you can have several to go with different outfits. This one is an unusual shape and not too shiny, so suitable for those with Cool and Muted colouring.

Silk Cashmere Wool Trousers

Silk Cashmere Trousers

£125, Winser London.

Also available in camel colour.

These are best suited to those with a defined waist and wider hips. A mix of merino, silk and cashmere means they will be super comfortable, both for sitting at your desk or moving about.

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