Hello from Pier32. It's all about the hoody right now...
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Hello and thank you for reading. We're taking a closer look at hoodies this time around - the history and the fashion of this versatile garment.

Hoodie History

From the hooded robes of medieval monks in Europe through to modern day hooded sweatshirts being banned in UK shopping centres and supermarkets, there is a fair bit of history associated with the hoodie.

Credit for today's version of the garment goes to Champion Sportswear - now part of Hanes Brands - who invented the modern hoodie back in the 1930s as workwear to help New York labourers keep warm whilst performing their outdoor tasks in harsh winters.

It began turning into a fashion garment in the 1970s as a part of the hip-hop movement which was taking hold at the time. The hoodie finally became a prolific retail, college and university item in the 1990s - printed or embroidered with the crest, logo or slogan that the wearer wished to be associated with.

Pictured right is a promotional hoodie with matching joggers from the AWDis range.
  Hoodie Image

Hoodie Fashion

There are more than 50 different hoodies and zoodies on our website from more than a dozen different manufacturers.

We can take any of these garments and put your logo onto them, either by print or by embroidery - just give us a call on 020 8398 2847 or drop us an email and we'll make it easy for you.

There are different styles of hoodie for you to choose, from the ladies fitted longline hoodie through to ultra heavyweight zoodies (that's 'zip-up hoodies' in case you were wondering!).

Many modern hoodies also include hidden holes in the pocket and loops at the collar for mp3 and phone earphone cables to be secured safely and out of sight. You can even choose organic cotton hoodies and, of course, our hoodies have a variety of ethical certifications.

Pictured right is the lightweight Heather Zoodie, a new style for 2012.
  Hoodie Image
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Pier32 Ethics

Like other discerning buyers you may consider ethical trading to be a key factor when choosing a product or supplier.

Pier32 is a member of two organisations that promote ethical and socially responsible business activities - Ethical Junction and the Organisation for Responsible Businesses.

We are also a Carbon Neutral company as certified by top charity Childreach International.

We look for ethical certifications of all brands that we offer too. Please see Our Ethics for more.
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