Hello again and Happy New Year from Pier32.
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Pier32 Ethical Promotional Clothing
Hello, we hope 2012 has got off to a great start for you. For us, Pier32 is now officially certified as carbon neutral. We also have some advice that we hope will help you save on the costs of your custom clothing.

CO2 Neutrality

All of our operational emissions for 2010 and 2011 have now been mitigated and offset, something that we achieved with the help of worldwide charity Childreach International.

More details are at our website on our carbon neutral page.

That we chose to offset through a charity is very important to us as there are companies out there profiteering from concerns about climate change.

This way our donation goes directly to people that need real help and if you read our web page you'll see that it's support that they would need anyway, regardless of the emissions reduction benefits.

We can't recommend the Childreach International projects highly enough and should you be in a position to influence the environmental policies of your own organisation then please take a look.
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All In One Go

Whenever and wherever you order your custom clothing there are some decisions that you can make that will reduce the cost.

Obviously you won't save anything buy buying clothes that you don't need, but one of those decisions is to ensure that you plan ahead and get as much as you think you're likely to need all at the same time.

In a way it's like buying your groceries in bulk to get a better price, just with the advantage that your clothes won't go off!

It can take a couple of hours or more to set up a garment print run, whether for 20 or 2000 t-shirts. It's also cheaper to deliver one lot of 2000 than a hundred lots of 20.

Just those 2 factors alone could reduce the unit price significantly and more suggestions are on our pricing page.

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The View From The Pier

In our blog - The View From The Pier - we write a wide range of articles about clothing, ethics, charities, fashion, our customers and more.

Please have a read, we're pretty sure you'll find something of interest. And should you have any news that you think would be of interest to our readers then just let us know.


We're @Pier32UK on Twitter and we'd love you to come and find us.
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