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Pier32 Ethical Promotional Clothing


Thank you for reading. This time around we thought we'd look at customisable clothing that doesn't need to be customised to achieve its aim...

Colour Coordination

With more than 2 dozen colours across a range of shirts, blouses, ties and aprons it is a simple and affordable option to have a custom outfit or uniform without actually having to pay for any print or embroidery customisation.

We recently kitted out a very trendy seafront hotel on the south coast with a coordinated clothing and accessory range in marine-inspired blues.

Hotel staff are now more easily identifiable to guests than they would be in the usual suit and tie with a name badge on the lapel.

By choosing a distinctive shirt colour that has matching ties and aprons the hotel owners saved both the time and financial costs of printing or embroidering their uniforms.

Of course, hospitality clothing is suitable for customisation should you wish to have it. Please call us on 020 8398 2847 for more details.

Pubs and Restaurants

The Pier32 team makes an effort to visit as many pubs and restaurants as possible, something we feel duty bound to do in order to ensure that we are as up to date as possible with current staff clothing and uniform choices.

We're more than happy to suggest that you do the same next time you're looking for some inspiration for your own designs. Obviously after having consulted us for a few ideas first!

On a practical level the general recommendation for staff clothing is at least 3 shirts or blouses per person - one to wear, one ready to wear and one in the wash - so please remember to factor this in if you want everyone to maintain their best appearance all of the time.

For more information about coordinated clothing for any occasion then please visit our website or call us on 020 8398 2847.
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Thames Ditton Junior School

As some of you may have spotted if you've been following our Twitter account @Pier32UK, we recently sponsored the Year 6 football and rugby
teams of a local school.

Together with a local building company, we bought new kits and bags that should last for a few years to come.

The kits will be making their competitive debuts over the next week or so and we wish the teams the very best of luck.

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