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Joanna Gaudoin

Impact for Success - Work Wear Wrap up

May 2020

I really hope you are well at this odd time. You will have noticed I didn't send out this email last month. However, this month I thought I would as there are some bargains in the shops online, so if you have had a declutter, now might be a good time to fill the wardrobe gaps you have.

As we adapt to working at home more, I do believe personal impact on video calls (and for some for their mindset when working alone) matters. Additionally, some people may return to an office environment, albeit in a different way, in the coming weeks. 

This is a difficult time for many, if you'd like to chat about your work situation, please contact me.

If you have some time for your professional development, request my email series and free Booklet on career skills here.

Best wishes,


Paloma Top Siannise Cowl Top

Paloma Top

£33.75 with 25% off included (ends today Monday), Hobbs.

Let's face it, on video calls it is only the top half that matters, so a range of suitable tops can be a good investment right now. I know I am not wearing my usual dresses. Most suited to those with deep in their colour palette.

Siannise Top

£55, Phase 8. No discount at the moment but they keep having them.

This top is a mix of viscose and linen, so a good option if you have a warm, sunny space to work in like me. Most suited to those with light and muted in their colour palette and those with a slimmer frame due to the pattern.

Mallory Capri Trousers Hampton Dress

Mallory Capri Trousers

£59.25 with 25% off included (ends today Monday), Hobbs.

Available in 3 colours, these trousers are a great alterntive for summer to full length trousers. They go well with both flat and heeled shoes.

Hampton Dress

£198.76 incluing current 25% discount, The Fold.

This dress is crease free so is easy to wear whether commuting or sat at your home desk all day. Most suited to those with light and muted colouring and with a well-defined waist.


Webinar series Tuesdays@10

Voice at the Table is running its second series of five webinars for just £29. I am running the one tomorrow on personal brand. You would receive any you miss as a recording. To find out more click here.

Belleville Top Santorini Necklace

Belleville Top

£108.76 including current 25% discount, The Fold.

This easy to wear and stylish top is ideal if you are sat on multiple video calls - impactful and comfortable. Most suited to those with bright and dark in their colour palette.

Santorini Necklace

£85, LK Bennett

Jewellery is a great way to change an outfit and/or add some interest. This unusal necklace will help you to do that whilst reminding you of the lovely island of Santorini!

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