Report on 5th Annual Conference 
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No.22 | October 2016

London Conference Special Issue

In this editionwatch the videos of Keynote speakers Ruth Gavison and Dorit Rabinyan  and enjoy the still photographs of the event. Several books were launched at the Conference. Alan Craig reflects on the Conference - and hold the dates of 10-12 September 2017 for next year's Conference in Poland.  

Opening keynote address on video 

Watch Ruth Gavison's talk 

The edited video is now available to watch. You can see the the Conference being opened by EAIS Chair, Dr. Alan Craig, followed by the welcome from SOAS Director (Vice Chancellor) Baroness Valerie Amos.  

Prof. Ruth Gavison then explores the triangle of Democracy, Jewish Identity and Human Rights in the context of modern Israel. Read the UKTF review of her talk here.    

Images from London

Photographs capturing moments from the Conference can be viewed here. The Conference took place in the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London over 4-6 September. 

2017 Conference- save the date 

Next year's Conference will be held at the University of Wroclaw, Poland. There is growing interest across Eastern Europe in the field of Israel Studies and we will be hosted at this vibrant and historical institution. 

Put 10-12 September 2017 in your diary. We will update our website page with announcements on the Conference theme, Call for Papers, stipends, registration and more. 

Discussion with Film Director Erez Laufer  

Raya Morag

The conversation with Erez Laufer centered on the close link between aesthetics and ethics in Rabin in His Own Words (2015), referring to both the production and the film as text. Defining post-traumatic cinema, Morag indicated a few crucial choices... 

Closing Keynote speaker video - Dorit Rabinyan

The final session of the Conference was a fascinating discussion with author Dorit Rabinyan facilitated by Prof. Lior Libman and Dr. Yonatan Sagiv. In January 2016 'Borderlife' became the center of a political scandal in Israel when the Ministry of Education banned the book from the high school curriculum.

Chair's Reflection of 2016 Annual Conference 

Each year the annual conference gets better as we learn what works and as our membership grows. This year's conference in London was the best yet. With nearly 200 delegates there was a real energy and enthusiasm. Bigger is not always better but it was this time.There were more panels, higher quality papers...

New books launched at Conference

Read about Dahl's 'Zionist Israel and the Question of Palestine Jewish Statehood and the History of the Middle East Conflict'; also Bermant's 'Margaret Thatcher and the Middle East'; and Sagiv's 'Indebted: Capitalism and Religion in the Writings of S.Y. Agnon'; and finally Mendel and Ranta's 'Fom the Arab Other to the Israeli Self: Palestinian Culture in the Making of Israeli National Identity'.  

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